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Why Tankinis Are The Perfect Swimwear Choice

Updated: Jun 20

Tankinis are our number one bestseller for more reasons than we can count. Bikinis are more revealing than many women are comfortable with yet women like the flexibility of a two piece. The tankini makes everything perfect! After all, don’t you deserve a swimsuit look that makes you look great while feeling comfortable and confident.

Woman in Tankini Feature Post Image - Why Tankinis Are the Perfect Swimwear Choice

1. Flattering Coverage and Tummy Control for Body Confidence

Tankinis offer more coverage than traditional bikinis, making them a perfect choice for women who prefer a modest yet stylish look. With tankinis, you can feel confident and comfortable without revealing too much skin. They often feature power mesh for tummy control, providing built-in shaping and support. These two-piece swimsuits enhance your natural shape and provide flattering coverage, allowing you to enjoy the beach or poolside with ease. 

Woman in Tankini Feature Post Image - Why Tankinis Are the Perfect Swimwear Choice

 2. Tankinis Provide Exceptional Comfort


Comfort is a key feature of tankinis. Made from premium fabrics, these swimsuits offer excellent support and a comfortable fit for all body types. For those with a larger bust, there are a variety of tankinis with and without underwire which offer great structure and support while ensuring both comfort and a flattering silhouette. Brands like Miraclesuit provide a wide range of tankini tops designed to fit every shape and size.

Plus size tanki blue black white floral print


3. Mix and Match for a Custom Look


One of the best aspects of tankinis is the ability to mix and match tops and bottoms. This flexibility lets you create a unique and personalized swimsuit look. Whether you prefer solid colors or fun patterns, the options are endless. Choose a solid top with a patterned bottom, or vice versa, to find the perfect combination that suits your style.

4. Versatile Fashion Options


Tankinis are incredibly versatile, allowing you to dress them up or down depending on the occasion. They can effortlessly double as a tank top, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe. With breathable materials and stylish designs, you can easily transition from the beach to any outing by pairing your tankini with your favorite skirt, pant or pair of shorts. Choose an elegant solid color or a trendy color block pattern for a more sophisticated look, or opt for a fun pattern for a casual, relaxed vibe. This versatility makes tankinis a staple in any swimwear collection.

tankini with bikini bottoms


5. Tankinis Offer Universally Flattering


Tankinis are a universally flattering women’s swimwear choice. No matter your size or body type, long or short torso, there is a tankini top that will look amazing on you. Women often struggle to find the perfect fit. Tankinis allow you to choose separate sizes and styles for the top and bottom, ensuring that perfect fit and look. These swimsuits are designed to enhance your natural shape, giving you confidence and style at the beach or pool.

plus size tankini


6. Tankinis Are Practical and Easy to Wear


Tankinis offer practical benefits for women, such as ease of movement and convenience. Whether you're relaxing on the beach or chasing the kids around, tankinis are designed to handle any activity. As a two-piece swimsuit, they are easier to take off and put on when changing or using the restroom. These swimsuits are both functional and flexible, ensuring you stay comfortable and stylish no matter what the day brings. A well-fitted tankini will keep you looking and feeling great while providing the support and coverage you deserve.


Good vibes happen on the tides of summer.

Tankini Final Thoughts

We could list and endless number of reasons why tankinis are the most versatile, flattering, and comfortable swimwear option for women of all shapes and sizes. With their mix-and-match potential, practical design, and stylish appearance, tankinis are the perfect choice for your next beach or poolside outing. Every woman needs at least one.

Tankini & Swimwear Fittings by Appointment Only

To buy the perfect fitting tankini and swimwear, We offer solo and group appointments for your family, friends and bridal parties headed on destination weddings. Enjoy the privacy of having the entire store to yourself along with a professional staff member to professionally fit hand picked swimwear just for you. Call 204-791-4319 or click contact us to use the online form. Thank you.

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